Tooling & Injection Molding Services at FATHOM

PJ Forslund wants to tell you more about the Tooling+ Team at FATHOM—a uniquely agile, single-source solution for tooling that supports low-to-high volumes for companies of any size.

Don't compromise with a molder who will simplify your design using a one-size-fits-all approach—our US-based and international teams work within flexible guidelines to protect design intent and meet part functionality.

  • Prototype Tool—As Soon As 10 Days & 10K Parts in 14 Days
  • Production Tool—As Soon As 3 Weeks & Up To 25K Parts in As Soon As 21 Days(Tools Built for 250k to 1M Shots)
  • DFM Overview Included with Every Initial Quote
  • Leveraging 8+ Decades of Tooling & Injection Molding Experience

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Ask our specialists about ISO certification and ITAR registration.